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The perfect KoRo dinner: Eating well without cooking

You're tired, you're hungry, but you're also a foodie at heart, so you need something delicious! Don't worry, we've cooked something for you so that you can relax when you just don't feel like wielding a wooden spoon!

The perfect KoRo dinner: Eating well without cooking

Hummus powder

Let's start with the basics: Appetizers and snacks. And if there's one thing we've learned from the many picnics of recent years, it's that hummus = best dip! And homemade is the best, but who always wants to soak chickpeas and puree them with tahini, lemon juice, olive oil and spices? And we'd rather not even think about rinsing the blender. Store-bought hummus simply tastes different, which is why we have conjured up an alternative for all kitchen sloths: hummus powder! And it's so easy: Simply mix 50 g of hummus powder with 65 ml of water in your favorite bowl - because you eat with your eyes. And then: Put it on your bread and enjoy your homemade hummus!

Even though it's delicious, you can't live on hummus alone. That's why we wanted to introduce you to three main dishes so that you have a bit of choice! Here are our three favorite low-effort meals!

Vegan chicken in soy and sesame sauce

When your stomach is growling, your mind only thinks about one thing: Dinner! A steaming bowl of rice and your favorite meat alternative in soy sauce, that's it. But one thing is clear to you: standing in front of the stove is not on the agenda today. No worries, we've already cooked for you for days like this! We have: vegan chicken in soy and sesame sauce! Simply unscrew the jar and heat the chicken alternative in the microwave. Mr. Rice Guy will cook you the fluffiest basmati rice - and if you want to eat something green with it, you can also throw sliced broccoli into the rice stove. In the meantime, you can relax on the couch, read a book or start your series and let the KoRo kitchen mice cook for you!

Tomato sauce with mushrooms

Honestly: nothing, absolutely nothing beats a steaming plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce - unless, of course, the tomato sauce has mushrooms in it! But if you just don't feel like boiling down sugo, slicing mushrooms and sautéing them, then we've got something great for you: open the jar, heat up the tomato sauce with mushrooms and add it to the pasta. If mushrooms aren't your thing, we also have tomato sauce with eggplants, basil, olives, arrabiata or vegan Bolognese for you in the store! KoRo secret tip: In addition to nut butters, we also specialize in tomato sauce! But of course we don't serve it without the right pasta! Our favorite when time is of the essence: fusilli made from red lentils. They're ready for your pasta party in 4-5 minutes!

Vegan miso ramen

Sometimes there's nothing better than a hot bowl of soup - it's like a hug from the inside! And for us, the best soup is ramen, miso ramen to be precise! But to make an authentic broth, you need quite a lot of time. And that's why we thought: we'll simply pre-cook the vegan miso ramen broth for you! Then all you have to do is heat it up and cook some ramen noodles, perhaps tofu and vegetables and it's ready: your steaming soup dream!

Meal prep jackpot: Incidentally, all the main dishes are also enough for two meals, so you can relax and put your feet up the next evening! We think so: Tastes twice as good!

Chocolate covered strawberries

Of course, an easy peasy 3-course meal also includes a dessert. That's why we've created a large selection of sweet treats for you! Our all-time favorite combination: strawberries with chocolate. But either you get them fresh from the fair or you have to dip each strawberry individually in chocolate and then wait - while the smell of chocolate wafts through your home. We didn't want to do that to you! That's why we've chocolate-coated our crispiest, fruitiest strawberries for you. Whether dark, milk or white chocolate - these little balls are a sweet and sour dessert dream.

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