🗓 27/03/2024 👤 Katharina Hertling

Spring clean your pantry

You're sitting comfortably on the sofa and browsing through our store, the birds are chirping outside, the work for today is done and the sun is already shining warmly into your living room - the first beautiful days at the end of March, when spring is already in the starting blocks. Infected by the incipient spring vibe, you feel like bringing a breath of fresh air into your home. But don't worry, spring cleaning doesn't just have to consist of tidying up, clearing out, tedious window cleaning and thorough mopping.

Spring clean your pantry

Deep cleaning with a difference

We recently took a look in our pantry and found one or two almost empty packs of nuts and freeze-dried strawberry slices. But instead of disposing of the last leftovers or putting them back in the far corner of the cupboard, we conjured up something tasty from them - spring cleaning, but tasty! So, take everything out of the cupboard, clean it out, look through the leftovers and get cooking!

The last strawberry-pink crumbs in the packet of strawberry slices are perfect for decorating the creamy frosting on cupcakes. And the other red powder hiding at the very back of the shelf - yes, we're talking about the beet powder that you once used to make colorful pasta - is great for savory pastries. How about pink focaccia, for example?

The nuts left over from the last movie night aren't much good on their own? Throw them in the pan with a few herbs and spices and your roasted nut mix is ready - the ideal snack for the next cleaning session.

Perhaps you would now like to conjure up some creative delicacies with the other leftovers that have come to light when cleaning out your store cupboard. Small amounts of linseed can be used in baked goods, for example, just as the last bit of agave syrup can be used to sweeten or the solid part of hazelnut butter at the bottom of the jar can give your pancakes a nutty note.

Once you've finished snacking on the still-warm beet focaccia and your store cupboard has been cleared out, we have a few more essentials such as rice, pulses and a variety of cereals and pseudo-cereals for you to use up the newly gained space.

And for a little more organization in the cupboard, you can also transfer small leftovers from our bulk packs into chic ball mason jars or a stylish stoneware storage jar.

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