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Why KoRo products are so tasty: A look behind the sourcing scenes (Part 1)

Do you ever wonder how we at KoRo manage to create so many delicious products? Our sourcing team does it! And they are busy every day putting potential newcomers to our range to the taste test. For a look behind the scenes, we interviewed our sourcing intern Nusch, our CEO Piran and our Head of Sustainability Christina in a three-part blog series! Because in every area, there are hurdles that the product has to overcome before it ends up in your shopping cart!

Why KoRo products are so tasty: A look behind the sourcing scenes (Part 1)

Let's get started with our sourcing intern Nusch:

How does the sourcing process work?

The process starts with us in the sourcing or purchasing team. We collect ideas, e.g. on the Internet or in the supermarket, and try out different products. Once we are convinced by a product, we look for suppliers. Once we have found one, we get various samples to try. Depending on the product, the recipe sometimes has to be adapted individually for us. For products such as oat flakes, an adjustment is not really necessary, but for our Nut Butter Cups, for example, the salt and sugar content or the degree of roasting and nut content have to be changed. Many products require several rounds of adjustment before they move on to quality management (QM). QM runs the product through various analyses, for example for allergens and microorganisms, and receives the suppliers' product specifications from us so that the KoRo-Spezi can be created on this basis. Our job is not just product development, but also project management, which means that we ensure that all teams involved in the product receive the necessary documents. Once the product has been checked through, it goes on to the operations team. The colleagues there make sure that the product is ordered and is always available in the right quantity in the store. The data management team then creates the product data such as product texts (created by the content team), nutritional values, FAQs, images, etc. on the website. Then the product is online and ready to buy!

How do you decide on a product?

First, the various product samples are tested against each other and a vote is held to decide which one we like best. Secondly, we look at whether we are competitive, i.e. whether the price is roughly in line with the market price and can compete with other suppliers. This is particularly important for very simple products such as oat flakes. However, we are particularly known for our innovative products. These may be a little more expensive, but they are also products that are very unique. If a new product is to be added to the KoRo store, it must therefore differ from the competition on the market in terms of the product range, i.e. the selection of products, or be a cheaper alternative.

What has been the most exciting part of your internship so far?

For me, the product development of the nut mixes was the most exciting. Together with Piran (CEO) and Maria (Junior Sourcing and Product Manager Food), I created five different nut mixes. During product development, we thought about combining bestsellers and hidden champions. In our opinion, the hidden champions are particularly tasty, but most people don't know them yet. For example, our chocolate-coated almonds and raspberry powder. We then wanted to mix these products with the bestsellers. That was the coolest thing so far because we created and tried so many mixes. My ideas were just as good as Maria's and Piran's ideas.

What task did you not expect in sourcing?

I didn't realize how much product management was part of the job. As product managers, we accompany the product from the development of the idea right through to its entry into the store. Of course, you don't just work on one product, but on many at the same time and have to balance and make sure that everything is right.

Which KoRo product is your go-to snack and why?

The chocolate almonds with cinnamon as a snack between meals and the Nut Butter Cups with pistachio - they are super tasty and not quite as sweet.

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