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Moderate 18 December 2023
Preparation time
30 min
Cooking time
25 min

Fancy a fusion of crunchy vegetables and a meat substitute with a bite? Then we've got just the thing for you: our vegan Caesar salad wrap with mühlen fillets and chickpea croutons is like a whole festival of textures in a handy wrap. The vegan mühlen fillets not only add texture and flavor, but also a good portion of protein to this recipe. A refreshing lunch - ideal for on the go or as a quick meal at home.

100 gram Cooked chickpeas
2 Teaspoon Olive oil
120 gram unsweetened soy yogurt
2 Table spoon vegane Mayonnaise
2 Table spoon Yeast flakes
0.5 Lemon
1 Teaspoon Capers, chopped
0.5 Teaspoon Garlic powder
0.25 Teaspoon Pepper, ground
1 packet vegan grinder fillet, formed into two fillets
175 millilitre cold water
4 Table spoon Rapeseed oil
2 large tortillas
50 gram Romanasalat
  • Step 1/6

    First, prepare the vegan grinder fillet. Simply mix 175 ml cold water, 2 tbsp rapeseed oil and the contents of the bag. Place in the fridge and leave to soak for half an hour. Then form two fillets and fry them in 2-3 tbsp rapeseed oil for 5-6 minutes. To finish, simply cut them into strips.

  • Step 2/6

    Now it's getting crunchy: To make the chickpea croutons, add the chickpeas, oil and salt directly to the pan over a high heat. Keep stirring until they are golden brown after about 14 minutes. Then put them to one side. As soon as they cool down, they become really crunchy. Or get the classic bread croutons if you're in a hurry!

  • Step 3/6

    Now the dressing comes into play: In a small bowl, mix the soy yogurt, vegan mayonnaise, yeast flakes, lemon juice, capers, garlic powder, salt and pepper - easy, peasy!

  • Step 4/6

    Wrap it up! First, chop the lettuce and spread it on the wraps. Sprinkle the crispy chickpea croutons on top, then place the strips of fillet on both wraps and drizzle with the dressing.

  • Step 5/6

    Now your wraps are ready to roll. To do this, fold in the sides of the wrap and roll it up.

  • Step 6/6

    Serve the wraps with the remaining dressing as an extra dip and enjoy!

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