Best quality for all 

Vegan or not – we have something for everyone! You can choose between two snack-tastic Advent calendars that are filled to the brim with 24 treats. From sweet and salty to chocolaty and nutty, we assure you that every single surprise will be a real highlight for your day!

A little taste of magic

Snack your way through the best of KoRo's range! Our Christmas elves have hidden both well-loved favourites and brand new products behind the doors - the sweet surprises await!

Surprise surprise!

24 tasty treats weren't enough for us! And we wouldn't be KoRo if we hadn't come up with two more presents. So look extra carefully when opening every door - and enjoy the surprise!

Open the door to vegan wonderland!

Snacking vegan during the Advent season has never been so easy: in our vegan Advent calendar, you can expect sweet, nutty and savoury snacks as well as plant-based cooking and breakfast ingredients. Look forward to 24 different surprises and work your way through our vegan range door by door!

Check out our vegan calendar

The most delicious Christmas countdown 

From sweet to savoury, nutty to fruity, snacks to cooking ingredients: the run up to Christmas will fly by while you snack your way through our the KoRo range in our classic Advent calendar range. Let yourself be surprised by the 24 different treats waiting for you behind the doors!

Check out our classic calendar

Two amazing calendars are awaiting you this winter: one classic Advent calendar and one vegan version. Which of these delicious calendars you want to snack your way through the Christmas countdown is up to you. What we can say is that, if the decision is too difficult, that's definitely a sign that you should maybe add both calendars to your shopping cart? The more the merrier!

Our calendars are not specifically designed for a gender or age group. The only prerequisite is a love of high-quality snacks. The calendars are a great way to try out some of our favourites from our huge range, as well as tasting some extra festive specials. Who knows – maybe you’ll discover your new favourite product for the new year!

Yes and no: our vegan Advent calendar is purely plant-based, but our classic calendar also contains animal products. So if you follow a vegan diet or just want to buy a vegan calendar, the KoRo vegan calendar is a great choice.

The calendars contain all sorts of different products. Behind the 24 doors you will find nutty and fruity snacks, savoury treats and chocolaty bars, bites and cups. There are also a few ingredients for cooking and breakfast. And who knows, maybe there are two more surprises hidden behind one door...