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To the dates

Want to find the perfect date? It's easier said than done!

Finding the right date to eat is by no means easier than finding the ideal dinner date. We can only help with the choice of partner to a limited extent, but we are happy to pass on our expertise in the field of edible dates to you. This makes it easier for you to find the right date for every situation based on differences, characteristics and uses.

So welcome to the world of dates.

The Medjool family

Small but mighty differences

Medjool Premium Large – The Queen

She became the queen of the well-known Medjool variety because she has the least amount of loose skin. What effect does this have? Tender, particularly thick flesh and a honey-sweet oriental seduction.

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Medjool Dates Premium Super Jumbo - The Great One

The premium quality Super Jumbo Medjool Date is even bigger than the standard Medjool Date, so you get even more of its honey-sweet and soft flesh.

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Medjool Large Delight - The Caramel One

15 % loose skin content makes it a soft, moist and delicious caramel experience of the highest class. Let its sweet and tart aroma transport you into a delicious world that won't want to leave in a hurry.

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Organic Medjool Medium Delight - The Popular One

The reason for its very popular and sweet consistency is the loose skin content of 10%. It is also one of our two organic date varieties, so you should definitely try it!

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Medjool Date Jumbo Choice  The Favourite

From now on, you can buy KoRo's own brand of Israeli Medjool dates, pampered by the sun and with a caramel-sweet aroma. With a loose skin rate of less than 15%, our Medjool dates are particularly soft and are therefore ideal as a high-fibre snack in between meals.

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The other family members

Not a Medjool fan? Not a problem

Halawi – The Caramel Candy

Small, round and sweet - that's our Halawi. The amber-coloured treat is inconspicuous, but wait until you taste it for the first time. Once you have bitten through its hard, sugary-sweet shell, the full caramel explosion awaits you. 

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Sukari - Sweet As Sugar

Translated from Arabic, it literally means sugar and lives up to its name. As it seduces you in the sweetest of ways, you won't stand a chance and with its creamy consistency, you can't help but melt with every bite.

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Deglet Nour on the Branch – The Princess

Our princess among the dates stands out splendidly from the others with her colour. It also has a very special taste with its firm but full-bodied and juicy consistency. With every bite you get a tasty energy kick that fights off any lunchtime slump.

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Pitted Deglet Nour Dates – The Finger of Light

Deglet Nour also means "finger of light". It got this name because its amber-coloured flesh reveals the date stone in the sunlight. The fruits are shiny golden brown and taste sweet and honey-like. The dates are already pitted and free of additives.

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Ajwa – The Healer

Chosen by the prophet and declared to be a healing date in the Orient, this magical date is said to have helped women in Medina to lead a carefree life. In this country, too, one is free of worries when the first bite breaks open the solid wrapping and the strong aroma travels along the taste palette.

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Deri – The Chocolatey One

Small but mighty. In a matter of seconds, it will wrap you around its little finger with its lovely, chocolaty flavour and won't let you go in a hurry. Once you have dived into this gem's delightful world, you won't want to leave.

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Aseel Dates Without Pits – The Bakers

Our Aseel dates are carefully sorted by hand after harvesting. They are then pitted twice in a row by machine. This makes them perfect for baking, sweetening and enjoying.

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Dates in Dark Chocolate – The Connoisseur

In Germany, we coat the dates with chocolate. Why dark chocolate, you ask? Well, because dates taste so very sweet that don't need a heavily sugared chocolate coating.

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