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Turmeric pappardelle with creamy mushroom ragout

Spaghetti, fusilli, penne, farfalle - pasta is simply the number one good and quick dish and you could really eat it every day! But honestly, do you have to stick to these tasty classics? We say: no way! Try our turmeric pappardelle and fall in love with the golden newcomer on your kitchen shelf!

Turmeric pappardelle with creamy mushroom ragout

Pasta = Italy?

Pasta means pasta in Italian, and pasta actually comes from Italy. The delicacies have been cooked there since at least the 4th century, as findings of pasta-making equipment suggest. But pasta is also known as noodles in German. And this is where it gets tricky, because noodles have been on the menu for centuries not only in Italy, but also in China - but not pasta. Even though the end product is similar, the production process is slightly different. In China, water and wheat flour are traditionally used to make pasta instead of wheat semolina as in Italy. For a long time, it was believed that Marco Polo brought pasta from China to Italy - but he was far too late in the 13th century. Who exactly first mixed wheat and water and created our favorite form of carbohydrate is historically unclear. But one thing is clear: pasta is delicious in every variation!

How to make: pasta

As you now know, Italian pasta is traditionally made from just two ingredients: Water and durum wheat semolina - as simple as it is good! However, we don't just want to offer you another beautiful variety on your kitchen shelf, but also a wheat-free alternative: And that's how our golden-yellow organic turmeric pappardelle came about. By the way: pappardelle is the Italian name for tagliatelle. When it came to the recipe, we also thought: less is more. That's why the ingredients for our pappardelle are rice flour, turmeric and water - and the gluten-free dream is ready! In addition to their color, the organic pappardelle score with their spicy, slightly bitter taste. A slightly shorter cooking time of 8-10 minutes is on top.

Turmeric meets pappardelle

At KoRo, we just can't stop making good things even better. The organic pappardelle were no exception. That's why we decided to add turmeric to our recipe. Turmeric is a tuber that belongs to the ginger family and is more common in Asia. You are probably familiar with turmeric in golden milk, but it can also be used wonderfully in savory dishes such as curries. So we thought: let's try it in our organic pappardelle too, and so we did! After many tests and plates of tagliatelle, we found the sweet spot: 2% turmeric. This not only makes the pappardelle a visual highlight, but also gives it an intense, floral and slightly spicy aroma - making your cooking experience even more special! And we wouldn't be KoRo if we didn't have a suitable recipe ready for you! Try our turmeric pappardelle with creamy mushroom ragout!

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