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Every year at Christmas, easter and birthdays, you want to give a gift to your loved ones. And every year you don't know which gift will do justice to your boyfriend, your mum or your mate: Actually, they deserve the whole world. At least with us you get specialities from all over the world and gift ideas that stay in your head.

No matter whether the recipient is your best friend or just a casual acquaintance. No matter whether your budget is five euros or fifty euros. And even if you only start looking for a present five minutes before the start of the birthday party: We've got your back. Discover our ideas and shop for gifts online without stress.

Creative gift ideas for everyone

Some people just have everything. But you still want to give them a gift - whether it's to express your love, to wish them a happy birthday or to return a kindness. Then it's time to get creative and find an unforgettable gift

Let the other person decide

You can't decide what suits your friends best in our gigantic product selection? Never mind. In this case, we have our vouchers, which are available from a value of 15€. Best of all, our vouchers make an ultra last-minute gift. Quickly pay online, print out and tadaaa: off to the birthday party!

To give gift vouchers a better reputation, we also offer a special Art Edition of our gift voucher boxes - at no extra charge, a Berlin artist brushes his work onto the gift box. It looks pretty and the recipient can continue to use the colourful box afterwards. And who knows what the work of art will be worth in a few years?

Tasting portions for new KoRo fans

Our bulk packs are of course a clever way to buy cheaper and more sustainably. As a gift, however, they might be a bit overwhelming for your counterpart: What do you do with a pillow-sized pack of chamomile tea? Or six jars of vegan pesto verde. Where to put the whole canister of maple syrup?

So that your loved one can slowly get to know our products, why not give one of our starter sets with tasting packs of our dried fruits  which are also available in a tropical variety? Or you can introduce the recipient to our variety of nut musts and take our Nutcracker, a nut mush tasting set with 24 different nut musts. Every gourmet is happy about such a gift box!

Everyone is happy about kitchen accessories

Give your loved ones a kitchen accessory update: we have high-quality wooden bowls made of olive wood, beautiful serving sets for starters and snacks  and practical storage jars.  Who doesn't need tasteful closing clips with which all packages stay fresh for a long time? With our coconut opener, you can complete the kitchen assortment of your friends. And if you want to be extra generous, give our Sir Mix-a-Lot high-performance blender as a gift: a first-class blender and a super present for all men and women who love to cook and bake.

All questions about gifts

We want to give you all the information you need about our gifts. If you have any questions about a specific product, please check the product specification. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us by email or on social media. We are happy to answer all your questions.

What is special about our gifts?

If you don't want to give just anything, you've come to the right place. We have gift ideas that make life more sustainable: From reusable glass straws to our high-quality stainless steel box to our all-natural coconut shells.

Our products are characterised by high quality: For example, we always include organically grown food in our range whenever possible. Our products have to pass our strict quality controls and tastings - where even the chefs themselves join in - before we offer them to you. Our many positive customer reviews confirm our promise of quality.

With us you will find unusual products that you have been looking for in your supermarket for a long time. You can surprise the birthday children around you with specialities like Skinny Dipped Chocolate Almonds , Amarena Cherries with dark chocolate and Almond Kernels with white chocolate and Matcha powder.

What can I give away if I haven't found what I'm looking for in your gifts?

If you want to give a gift to your whole family and circle of friends at Christmas or Easter, you can order a bulk pack of dried fruit of your choice and fill it into our pretty Mason Jars . This way, everyone gets a few dried mango strips,  pineapple rings or dwarf figs in a practical storage jar, and if things go well, there'll be a little left over for you to snack on.

You can also find some of our products in trial sizes, such as our individual rice wafers or our red pesto.  So even with a budget of less than ten euros, you can give a super tasty gift.

What can I give as a gift if I know little about the recipient?

Who hasn't experienced it: your best friend's sister has spontaneously invited you to her birthday, or you've been invited to your neighbour's housewarming party, or your nice colleague at work is celebrating a milestone birthday. You don't want to come away empty-handed, but you ask yourself: What would someone like that be happy about? Are there gifts that simply make everyone happy?

At KoRo, we are of course convinced that our products will please everyone. But if you really don't know anything about the recipient's taste, it's best to go for all-round talents such as our reusable glass straws. If you know that the recipient travels a lot, you can give our high-quality stainless steel box for snacks and lunch breaks at the office and get astonished looks. Our delicacies such as freeze-dried raspberries in white chocolate are sure to make happy faces.

For allotment gardeners and even people without a green thumb, our sprout bag is an original gift: with it, the recipient can easily grow their own sprouts in their kitchen.

What gift would my girlfriend like?

Of course, you know your girlfriend best. So think about what you have in common or how you can bring joy into her life. Does she like tea in the morning? Then our aromatic chamomile flowers could be something for her. Does she have a sweet tooth? Then check out our starter set of tasting packs of our dried fruits. Does she often need some nerve food during her exams? Then she'll certainly be happy about our trail mix  For the tidiness freaks among us, the Mason storage jars are an ideal gift. If you'd love to give your girlfriend a trip to the Caribbean, but the budget is too tight, she'll surely love a tropical coconut shell in which you can serve her cereal every day.

If you regularly find yourself panicking before birthdays, googling for gift ideas and always end up reaching for chocolates and vouchers: be attentive throughout the year and make a note of gift ideas as soon as your loved one says something along these lines. No more gift stress. Thank us later!

Do you have any special gifts for Christmas and Easter?

If you've been a part of our KoRo community for a while, you're probably familiar with Mustafa. Our tasting page of 24 different nut mushrooms is a popular gift - not only as an Advent calendar at Christmas time - for all gourmets and those who like to experiment. Otherwise, let your creativity run free and create your own gift box or Advent calendar from our wide range of products! Don't worry, we have already noted down a few Advent calendar ideas for you.

For example, if you're looking for gifts for your loved ones at Easter, just take a look at our shop for nut milks,  dried fruits or delicious snacks that you won't find in every supermarket: Who doesn't enjoy top-quality food in bulk packs?