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With salty snacks through the Veganuary

After the cozy Christmas season with homemade cookies, do you need a change - as delicious as it was? We have five salty vegan alternatives for you to start the veganuary with delicious snacks!

With salty snacks through the Veganuary

Roasted and salted pistachio kernels

Let's start relaxed: Vegan or not - pretty much everyone likes pistachios! And we think they're even better roasted and salted! A great snack for in between meals or as a topping for most of your kitchen creations. Let's get to it! Do you prefer the full flavor of pistachios without the added salt? No problem, try our natural pistachios!

Spiced cashews in three variations

Let's be honest - roasted nuts are awesome in all variations. We put our heads together and came up with a few more unusual varieties for you! And since we couldn't agree on which of the three is the best flavor, we'll simply present them all to you. The more, the merrier!

For all those who just can't get enough of Italian cuisine after an evening of bruschetta and vegan spaghetti carbonara, we have created this mix: organic cashews with Tuscan spice. They are guaranteed to transport you to Florence in January, at least in your mind!

Italy or France: there was also a big debate when we were developing our spiced cashews. So there was only one solution, the French equivalent had to be found: organic cashews with olive and rosemary. Snack your way straight to the Côte d'Azur.

And for all those who are drawn even further afield in this gray month: We've got you! Our cashew nuts with curry without flavor enhancers are not only super tasty, but also warm you up with the slight spiciness from the Indian spice blend!

Roasted corn kernels with salt

The weather in January is gray and cold - so you'll find us under the comforter for a series marathon. And what can't be missing? Popcorn! But 08/15 is not our thing, so we have roasted corn kernels with salt for you! Just as tasty as popcorn, but twice as crunchy! And if you're extremely invested in your series: you don't even have to take a break to wait for the microwave - your snack is already ready to eat!

Roasted and salted broad beans

We promise you one thing: the question "And where do you get your protein from now?" will probably come up more than once in Veganuary. And to make it easy for you to answer them all, we've picked out these super tasty snacks for you: roasted and salted broad beans. If you've never tried these beans before, it's about time! We promise you'll be surprised with a super tasty, crunchy snack. Give it a try!

Tortilla chips with beet

Last but not least, there is one thing that should not be missing from the snack list: Chips. Our favorite is definitely tortilla chips with beet. Not only are they a colorful highlight on the couch, they are also super crunchy and an ideal companion for all the dips you can try this month! Have fun snacking!

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