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KoRo order list: our top 3

The agony of choice - in our store you can expect many tasty and unusual products. With all the dried fruits, bars and nuts, how can you decide on your favorite snacks? If you are asking yourself this question, then you have come to the right place. In this article you will find our tips on how to find your way through our extensive range, as well as some products that we recommend to you.

KoRo order list: our top 3

Our bestsellers

Maybe it will help you to make a decision if you start by looking through our bestseller list. The more customers like a product, the higher the probability that this is not purely coincidental, but that it is simply damn delicious, right?


3rd place: Pistachio puree

The bronze medal goes to our pistachio puree in a 500 g jar, which is made from 100% shelled and roasted pistachios. The green puree is not only a culinary highlight, but also a visual one - whether in sweet or savory dishes. For example, it is wonderful as a topping for porridge and pastries or to spice up salad dressing. The creamy mush tastes pleasantly sweet and nutty and is also a wonderful source of protein.

Gefriergetrocknete Erdbeerscheiben

2nd place: Freeze-dried strawberry slices

Freeze-dried strawberry slices have made themselves comfortable on the second step of the winner's podium. The freeze-drying process removes all moisture from the ripe fruit. This ensures that the intense flavor of the berries is preserved without additives. So the strawberries become deliciously crunchy while remaining aromatically sweet. The bright pink of the fruit is not lost either. So freeze-dried strawberries not only taste great in muesli, salads or as a pure snack, they also look great.


1st place: Organic date-hazelnut cream

Now we come to the absolute winner in our ranking: The gold medal clearly goes to our organic date-hazelnut cream! It consists of only four ingredients: dates, hazelnuts, bourbon vanilla and a little sea salt - and all of them are of natural origin. That's all it takes for this nutty-sweet and incredibly creamy spread that loves to steal the show from its highly processed supermarket "competition." You can be pretty sure that your 500 g jar will empty itself in no time.

KoRo in a Nutshell

Click through and test!

In addition to our bestsellers, we have more tips on how to find the right products for you. Our website is divided into different categories that can help you with your decision. For example, you can click through the pages Nuts or Cooking & Baking. In the different segments you will not only find more subcategories, but also the possibility to filter by specific properties or within a given price range. For example, if you eat gluten-free and vegan, you simply have to place a check mark behind the corresponding keywords and suitable snacks will be displayed. You can also easily determine the order of the products displayed: For example, if you want to be guided by which products are popular with other customers, then select "Top seller".

If you want us to make the decision for you and you just want to test yourself, our trial sets are just right for you! Our starter set "Tropical" for example contains a small but fine selection of dried fruits. And if you can't decide between all our bars, cookies and energy balls, then take a look at our tasting box "KoRo in a Nutshell". With it you can taste many of our products and get a little taste.

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