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Get to know: Guava fruit spread

Raspberry, strawberry and apricot are real classics among fruit spreads. These three always go down well and are reliably delicious, but everyone knows them. The guava fruit spread from KoRo is shaking up the jam market and will provide a sweet and fruity surprise at your next brunch. But what exactly is a guava? In this article, you'll find out everything you need to know about the tropical fruit and there's a delicious recipe on top.

Get to know: Guava fruit spread

Fresh, fruity, fascinating: that's the guava

The guava is so special that it's hard to decide which name suits it best. Currently in the running are: Guava, guava, goiba, guayave or even guayaba - crazy! But what's so special about it? It probably wouldn't immediately catch your eye in the supermarket: The oval fruit is about the size of a small pear and the flesh is - depending on the variety - white, yellow or reddish. So it's not particularly exciting on the outside, but the inside is impressive - we promise!

The guavas for our fruit spread come from Colombia and bring a tropical vibe to your dining table. Freshly harvested, you can eat them like a kiwi: cut them in half and scoop them out! Although the skin is edible, it tastes slightly bitter, while the flesh surprises with a pleasant sour-sweet taste. Fun fact: The skin of a kiwi is also edible - just a bit furry!


Guava fruit spread for breakfast fans

Never seen a fresh guava before? That's how we felt for far too long! But our motto at KoRo: What we don't know, we get to know and conjure up something incredible from it. Unfortunately, these tropical fruits are only available in selected supermarkets and can only be kept for a few days if not refrigerated. That's why we thought we had to find a way to bring this unique taste to your pantry! So drum roll for our guava fruit spread! Not only does it have an impressive shelf life of several months, it also contains 75% fruit. So you can order the intense taste of guava straight to your home - conveniently in a 410 g jar!

Delicious variety: one taste, many uses

The good news first: you can still spoon it straight from the jar - but that's only for real gourmets! But what else can you do with this delicious spread? Our answer: organize a lavish Sunday brunch! Invite your loved ones over and surprise them with the tart, sweet flavor of our guava fruit spread. Because we think so: Raspberry, strawberry and apricot should not be missing from a good breakfast, but guava definitely has the potential to turn the three classics into four in the future! You can conjure it up from your store cupboard at any time of year and sweeten breakfast bread, porridge, yoghurt or pastries with it. The fruity spread even adds an interesting twist to a cheese platter. But what is a must for a good brunch? Of course: pancakes! Fortunately, the guava fruit spread is not too bad as a tropical topping either. So grab your cell phone and quickly create a group for your brunch.

If you're one of those owls who like to pull an all-nighter and then sleep through brunch, we've got something for you: these delicious nut corners with guava filling are guaranteed to spoil you on your afternoon coffee date.

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