🗓 31/05/2022 👤 Natalie Wendt

Welcome to KoRo Café

Berliners, Berliners-by-choice and visitors take note! The KoRo Café has finally opened its doors at Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7 in Berlin-Mitte!

Welcome to KoRo Café

Yes, you heard right - just a few steps away from Alexanderplatz, our store manager Laura and her team will conjure up a first-class KoRo experience for you. With great attention to detail, the team offers a delicious breakfast, lunch and cake menu in Germany's first KoRo Café. Of course, there are also various coffee creations with a variety of milk alternatives, KoRolade (hot chocolate), KoRo Chai and KoRo Matcha Latte. Highlights are the self-created porridges - of course with lots of nut topping - and unusual sandwiches such as the tofu sandwich with pesto verde, the date-hazelnut sandwich or the curry-mango sandwich. So the lunch break is guaranteed to be varied and, if desired, also vegan.

And for all those who are in a hurry: Those who want to take the coffee, porridge or lunch offerings with them can use Vytal 's reusable system to create as little packaging waste as possible. All other disposable packaging in the café is made from bagasse or other sustainable alternatives. For the ultimate KoRo experience, the café also offers the option to purchase products ranging from nut purees to tempura seaweed chips. So if you can't wait for your next KoRo order and are in desperate need of new almond paste on a Sunday, KoRo Café is there for you.

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