🗓 29/03/2021 👤 Vero Wolf

What happens to expired food at KoRo?

You wonder what happens to your beloved nut mushrooms and dried fruits if they are not sold out so quickly and the best-before date is approaching? We explain here how we deal with the best-before date and thus actively work against food waste.

What happens to expired food at KoRo?

What does the best before date mean?

Although KoRo mainly sells long-life products, it sometimes happens that we have products in stock with an expired best-before date. Let's take a closer look at what this date actually tells us:

The best-before date, or MHD for short, indicates the time until which the manufacturer:s guarantee that the food will retain its specific properties if stored correctly. Odor, taste, color and nutritional values must still be optimal at this time. It is therefore a guarantee for the manufacturer and the customer. The date can be chosen by the producers themselves, the shorter it is, the more certainty there is that the quality can be guaranteed. This means that the best-before date does not mean that the product can no longer be consumed and belongs in the garbage can. For consumers it is therefore important to use their senses! Smell, sight and taste are required.


Best before: See lid - the exceeded best before date does not mean that you can no longer eat this jam.


We also put our senses to work here at KoRo. During the so-called sensory test, our trained tasting team examines the goods from all sides. Here, for example, B-merchandise is put under the microscope, but also products that are approaching their best-before date. If they still smell, taste and look convincing and there is no difference in quality, they remain in our range for the time being. We then offer these products at a reduced price in the sale category. This way we make sure that the food is not wasted.

Cheaper by the dozen

Sometimes we even specifically ask our suppliers for "spot items". These are goods for which the best-before date is about to expire. These products are usually no longer bought from the supplier, but we are happy about it because we can save large quantities of food from being wasted and pass them on to you at an unbeatable price. From time to time we also make one-time purchases from new suppliers whose products we may not even have in our assortment.