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How to make your own oat drink at home

Cow's milk alternatives are already on everyone's lips and there is a wide choice. From soy to lupine and oats. In this article, we show you how you can easily make your own oat drink at home. If this is a little too time-consuming or complicated for you, you can of course simply use our organic oat drink with 15 % oats.

How to make your own oat drink at home

From scouring milk and plant drink

First of all: oat drink is not actually milk. This is because plant-based milk alternatives are no longer allowed to be called milk in the EU. While oat, coconut and cashew milk are still referred to in everyday life, they are officially only referred to as "plant-based milk substitute" or "plant-based drink". But beware, not everything that says "milk" on it actually contains milk. Keyword: scouring milk. In the meantime, the number of plant-based milk substitutes has increased considerably and you will find them in every supermarket. Plant-based milk substitutes are not only used for lactose intolerance or vegan diets, but also for taste or variety.

What is oat drink?

The plant-based drink is made from the grain oats. Seed oats are usually used for this, as only these are suitable for human consumption. Oats are grown almost everywhere in the world - even in Germany! The varieties that are commercially available here are tender and coarse oat flakes or processed flakes, whereby coarse flakes are not yet split. If the splitting takes place before consumption, the sugar molecules contained in the flakes can enter the bloodstream more quickly and thus ensure a faster rise in insulin levels. With 10 g of fiber per 100 g, oat flakes have a high fiber content and, thanks to 14 g of protein per 100 g, are also a real source of protein.

Make your own oat drink

Step 1: Which flakes are the right ones?

As you have just read: Not all rolled oats are the same. Fine oat flakes are best for oat drink. Grainy flakes can also be used, but they are somewhat coarser and need to be soaked beforehand. All you need is water, a little salt and, if you like, a sweetener such as dates. You will also need a blender or mixer and a fine sieve or, alternatively, a tea towel or nut drink bag.

Hafer Kleinblatt

Perfect for oat drink: fine, tender or small oat flakes

Step 2: Mix it up!

Combine water, a pinch of salt and rolled oats, either dry or soaked, and place in the blender. You need about 1 liter of water for 100 g of rolled oats. You can now add a few pitted dates for sweetness. Then blend the mixture on the highest setting to create a milk-like consistency. Make sure to take a break from mixing every now and then, as the mixture will become too solid when it heats up. The drink should always remain liquid. Alternatively, the flakes can be infused with hot water before you puree them. In this case, you must leave the mixture to cool for at least two hours and stir repeatedly to prevent lumps from forming. You can then process it in the blender as above. Boiling makes the drink a little more aromatic and sometimes also more flavorful, but this method is a little more complex and takes more time.

No matter which of the two methods you have used: Finally, pour the mixture through the fine sieve or press it out in a slightly damp tea towel or nut drink bag. This removes any coarse residue from the liquid mixture.

Step 3: Storage

The homemade oat drink will keep in the fridge for at least two days and a maximum of four days, depending on the degree of refrigeration. It may well lose some of its flavor after the second day.

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