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Apple rings

Not all apple rings are the same. You can buy them in soft or crunchy form, both sweetened and unsweetened. We introduce you to our apple rings and chips from your KoRo drugstore and show you how to make them yourself!

Apple rings

Apple rings taste super fruity and are a great healthy alternative to industrially produced gummy bears. And no - we're not talking about the ring-shaped gummy bear variant that bears the same name. The name apple potato chips also makes you think of unhealthy potato potato chips products. But far from it! We introduce you to our healthy apple rings and chips in this article. We also have instructions for you on how to make them yourself in the oven.

Apple rings and apple crisps

Apple rings are dried apples with the core removed and cut into rings. Depending on the thickness of the rings and the length of drying, the apple slices remain soft or become hard. The soft variety is known as apple rings - the crunchy products are more commonly sold under the name apple chips. We offer both products in your KoRo drugstore:

German Elstar apple chips

Our natural apple rings without sulphur or sugar come from Germany. They are made from healthy and ripe apples. The unpeeled rings have a sour-sweet taste and are a crunchy alternative to greasy potato potato chips. Make sure to seal the apple potato chips airtight after each opening so that they can retain their crunchy consistency. Because that's how they taste best!
You can find our crispy apple potato chips in 250g packs in the KoRo drugstore. 1,2,3 - let the snacking begin!

Dried apple rings

The consistency of our apple rings with their skin removed is soft and juicy. They taste pleasantly sweet and are free from sulphur or added sugar. You're probably wondering why we offer apple rings from China - from the other side of the world, so to speak. The reason is the unbeatable taste. Our KoRo team extensively tests many different foods before each product launch. And because we want to guarantee that you get the best and most aromatic taste for your money, we have opted for apple rings from China. We hope you find them just as tasty as we do. Their soft consistency makes them a great healthy snack as an alternative to gummy bears, for example.
You can buy the soft, fruity apple rings in the 1 kg pack in our KoRo drugstore for your stock.

Make your own apple rings and potato chips

If you are more of a do-it-yourself type, you can of course also make your own dried apples. There are several ways to make your own apple rings and potato chips. We have picked out a simple one for you:
Remove the core from the fruit beforehand and then cut it into ring-shaped slices. These should be approx. 1 cm thick for apple rings and slightly thinner for the crispy alternative. Removing the skin is a matter of taste - depending on what you like better. Place the rings on a baking tray lined with baking paper so that they have as few points of contact as possible. You can bake the raw apple rings in the oven at 50 degrees convection. To allow the moisture to escape from the oven, we recommend leaving it slightly open during the baking process. Depending on the thickness of the sliced rings, the drying process will take longer or shorter. It is best to leave the slices in the oven until they feel dry to the touch. The soft apple rings do not keep quite as long as the dry apple chips. If the apple chips become softer again over time, you can bake them again at 50 degrees, just like the first time. Tins or jars with screw caps are suitable for storing them. The apple potato chips in particular should be packed airtight to keep them crisp.

Our tip if you make apple rings without the peel: you can make apple tea from the peel and don't have to dispose of it. To do this, cut the leftover peel into thin strips and bake them in the oven until they make a soft cracking sound when you break them with your hand. For the tea, simply put a handful in a cup, brew with hot water and leave to infuse covered. You can sweeten the tea or add cinnamon to taste.

If you like it a little sweeter, we also have a sinful apple alternative for you: do you already know our delicious apple pieces with cinnamon & sugar? Heavenly!

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