🗓 17/08/2023 👤 Hannah Rieder

The tomato has competition: beet ketchup

You want to invite your friends over for dinner in the evening and try something new: A juicy burger and crispy potatoes with beet ketchup? Admittedly, it's not the first thing that comes to mind as a sauce, but believe us, it's the ketchup alternative that will make it into your heart and onto your plate.

The tomato has competition: beet ketchup

Purple is the new red

We heard that, spared no expense or effort and sent our KoRo kitchen mice to Italy - land of fashion and good food. Instead of tomatoes, they brought us beet, because the root vegetable's wonderfully intense, dark purple color was so convincing. The KoRo kitchen mice used it to conjure up an extremely tasty, sugar-free ketchup for us. Too good to eat, you think? We don't know anything like that at KoRo!

Ketchup without sugar?

Don't worry, with our newcomer you don't have to do without the usual sweetness. In addition to the beautiful color, the beet also provides a slight sweetness, which we have emphasized again with erythritol. If you are not yet familiar with erythritol: Like maltitol or sorbitol, it is a sugar substitute. We chose erythritol because it has a lower energy density than conventional household sugar. The beet makes the ketchup taste slightly earthy, sweet and sour and simply incomparably delicious!

What can you use the beet ketchup for?

Of course, potatoes in any form are a no-brainer - and let's be honest, potatoes always work! But we wouldn't be KoRo if we didn't have a few other ideas in store. You can also use the beet ketchup as a dip, for that beautiful red color and a sweet and sour note. Beet ketchup rounds off the taste of salad dressings. And your new sauce favorite is also a must on public holidays: In (vegan) gravies, the earthy sweetness of beet brings a very round, flavorful depth to the sauce. Beet is a real underdog for no reason. We say: try, try and try again. But we would like to introduce you to our personal highlight: Beet ketchup as an accompaniment to an incredibly juicy portobello burger and crispy potato wedges! Fall in love with this deliciously tangy root vegetable all over again! We like the beet ketchup best with a portobello burger with potato wedges and vegan cheese sauce!

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