🗓 14/06/2024 👤 Lukas Reiche

KoRo x DFB: Our snacking squad in the spotlight

Here we go! Here we go! The 2024 European Championship in Germany has kicked off and we would like to present you with our hit of the tournament: As the proud snack partner of the men's national soccer team, we have launched a TV commercial for our cooperation with the DFB!

KoRo x DFB: Our snacking squad in the spotlight

Germany is in soccer fever! At last, another major tournament in our own country. After all, who doesn't have fond memories of the 2006 World Cup? Euphoria, tension, despair and hope united all 84 million national coaches back then. Whether it was a penalty that wasn't given, a debatable yellow card, a goal that was suspected to be offside, questionable tactics or the pending substitution of a crowd favorite. One thing is certain: as soon as the referee blows the whistle, there is plenty to talk about among friends and colleagues.

Just about every fan can empathize with at least one of the situations described and will meet one or two characters in our TV commercial who will be cheering on the first European Championship match in their living room at home, in the stadium or in front of the big screen at a public viewing. Whether gesticulating like the conductor (with our Raw Bar Mango Chia, of course), setting the line-up, munching on snacks with excitement like the nervous one or making it rain lentil chips with sea salt like the shadow boxer when a goal is scored. Our insider tip: Preach "I told you so" to your friends with the energy ball cocoa and raspberry filling or our salty snack mix.

But not only at home, but also on the way to the various stadiums: as snack experts and Berlin-based companies, we see ourselves as the logical companion for exciting European Championship match days and hope to contribute to winning the coveted trophy with the taste component.

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