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Knowledge boost from Doc Felix: All about E numbers

The classic: You check the ingredients while shopping and are just confused. What do all those Es with the number behind them mean? We talked to Felix Berndt, also known as Doc Felix on Instagram. From him we got an assessment on the topic of food additives, also called E-numbers.

Knowledge boost from Doc Felix: All about E numbers

Photo: Johannes Krahforst

What's behind E-numbers

You've probably heard the word "additives" before. They are abbreviated with an E and a number, but what does it actually stand for? Doc Felix has the answer ready! "There are about 320 additives approved in the EU. And these have various effects: For example, they ensure that foods have a longer shelf life, are used as binders or preservatives, or help to intensify the taste. All additives are approved and tested regularly by the European Safety Authority (EFSA). "


Are additives harmful?

It is impossible to say across the board whether additives are healthy or unhealthy. Felix says, "Additives are a controversial topic. Among other things, they are used to change the consistency and color of food. However, this is associated with possible risks. After the additive has landed on the market, it is tested again and again. But sometimes new research results show that the substance should not be classified as safe after all. But then, of course, the additive is taken off the market. In the case of an unprocessed food, such as an apple, for example, this is unlikely to happen in most cases. "

Okay, but what does that mean for you now? Sure: If you cook everything yourself, you can determine what is in it. But that also costs a lot of time and is time-consuming. And sometimes we just want to put the frozen pizza in the oven after a long day - that's okay, too! Our tip: Stay up to date with apps that let you scan the barcode of the food and see at a glance if there are any potentially critical substances in it. Bonus points: The apps also show whether a product is vegan or vegetarian. That's doubly handy if that's relevant to you, because not all additives are plant-based. So you know directly what is hidden behind the E-number and what the additive is used for.

Are you thirsty for knowledge?

If you want to learn more about nutrition, then take a look at Doc Felix' book "Feel good. Healthy, relaxed and happy - I'll show you how it's done" (dtv)!

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