White chocolate with chocolate lentils Auto translated

Easy 6 May 2018
Preparation time
10 min
Baking / Rest time
1 h

You still need a gift idea that is something very special? Then this recipe is exactly the solution for you: White chocolate with cocoa butter and chocolate lentils. It tastes not only heavenly, but is also a real eye-catcher through the colorful lentils. You do not have to shy away from the preparation, which is super easy! Just wrap it up nicely and you have the perfect gift for a loved one (perfect for Mother's Day!). Have fun with the recipe.

40 g Xylitol or powdered sugar
40 g Nut puree
15 g Coconut oil
80 g Cocoa butter
40 g Nut puree
3 tbsp. (vegan) chocolate lentils
1 Tsp. Vanilla extract
  • Step 1/5

    Melt cocoa butter and coconut oil over a water bath, add nut puree and mix everything well.

  • Step 2/5

    Add sweetener and vanilla.

  • Step 3/5

    Coarsely chop chocolate lentils with a knife and place in the chocolate mold, or on the baking paper.

  • Step 4/5

    Allow the chocolate mixture to cool and pour into the mold.

  • Step 5/5

    Put everything in the refrigerator for at least an hour so that the chocolate can harden.

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