Mango and raspberry fruit pudding Auto translated

Easy 13 August 2018
Preparation time
10 min
Baking / Rest time
15 min

A pudding dream come true! All those who have an appetite for a delicious dessert that can be served in a few minutes, this recipe is just right. We present two different fruit puddings that are both creamy and super fresh. They fit perfectly into the summer season and make you want more. The recipe is completely vegan, but even the non-vegan dessert lovers will not be disappointed at all.

200 g Soy yogurt
0.5 tbsp. Sweetener
3 Tsp. Psyllium husks
250 g Silken tofu
100 g Mango
100 g Raspberries
  • Step 1/4

    In a blender first mix soy yogurt, silken tofu, psyllium husks and the chosen sweetener. Set aside half of the resulting cream in a bowl.

  • Step 2/4

    Mix part of the mixture with mango, the other part with raspberries.

  • Step 3/4

    Transfer the fruit puddings to jars and place them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to allow the psyllium husks to swell.

  • Step 4/4

    Optionally serve with chia pudding (swell chia seeds with water), fruit puree (raspberry, mango or persimmon are particularly suitable) or fresh fruit. Granola, cacao nibs or coconut chips are also very good as additional toppings.

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