Beet and rose latte with cardamom Auto translated

Easy 20 November 2023
Cooking time
10 min

Wild name, smooth drink!

1 heaped tsp. Beet powder
1 Table spoon Rose water
1 heaped tsp. Panels
150 millilitre Oat drink
2 UNIT broken open cardamom pods
5 UNIT Rose petals
  • Step 1/2

    Grab a small saucepan. Heat all the ingredients except for the rose petals while stirring until all the ingredients are mixed together and your drink turns a beautiful pink color.

  • Step 2/2

    Remove the cardamom pods, pour your pink drink into a suitable cup and garnish with rose petals. Sounds like a drink for rainy afternoons with a good book or a nice series. And of course there's something sweet to go with it: Cookies with Ruby chocolate drops and walnuts - matchy!

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