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A visit to the KoRo Café

We made our way to the KoRo Café at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. It's bustling and colorful here, the café is located on a well-trafficked corner, right on one of the capital's tourist:inside hotspots. We meet Laura, she is the store manager and has been with the café since it opened in May 2022.

A visit to the KoRo Café

Dear Laura, what can you recommend for us at KoRo Café?

Everything! I think there's something for everyone in our range: we have vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, for example with date-hazelnut cream or fresh goat cheese, pears and walnut puree. For those looking for a hot breakfast, we have porridge with homemade fruit compote, toppings and, of course, an optional extra portion of nut puree. For the small hunger in between, we have a large selection of KoRo snacks, e.g. energy balls and protein bars, as well as super juicy banana bread ready. And of course: coffee! We serve it with milk or vegan alternatives like oat or peanut drink. Alternatively, there's also KoRo-Matcha and -Chai, hot chocolate and fresh orange juice.

There's also a selection of KoRo products on the shelf here - what's your current favorite?

I really like our new in-house creations, the organic date tahini cream as well as the organic date cashew cream! We always have a diverse selection of KoRo products in the café here, which can be purchased on site.

KoRo Cafe 2

So the café is a go-to place for breakfast, lunch and an empty pantry?

That was the idea, exactly. The focus is on the takeaway concept. Unfortunately, we don't have enough space here for people to have an extensive breakfast or brunch. But we offer the best possible take-away concept for that! This corner is very busy: tourists with growling stomachs, people who need a quick breakfast before going to work or who are looking for a snack during their lunch break - we want to offer them all a delicious meal. But above all, we want to be there for the KoRo fans. That's why we use a lot of in-house products to make the dishes and drinks. A brand like KoRo, which mainly takes place online, also wants to be visible to customers offline.

As it were, also as inspiration for the next KoRo purchase! What exactly is the take-away concept?

We offer a disposable and reusable system. Our disposable tableware is made of biodegradable bagasse. For the reusable tableware, we work with Vytal. The company offers a practical reusable solution in which customers can return their dishes to all participating restaurants and cafés.

KoRo Cafe 3

KoRo Café

Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

Instagram: korocafe_berlin

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