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KoRo x DFB: the direct hit at the start of the European Championships

Our snacks kick differently, and no longer "just" in terms of taste, but now also on the pitch as an official partner of the men's national team. Well, maybe more off the pitch. Or at public viewings, because for the fans, snacks are part and parcel of an exciting soccer match.

KoRo x DFB: the direct hit at the start of the European Championships

Salty snack mix 250 g

We start with a real snack ace, because we know: A good team is more than the sum of its parts. Our salty snack mix, created especially for Euro 2024, is a kind of homage to our team. Because it's the mix of experienced classics and innovative minds that makes the difference! Between the familiar peanuts and pretzels, you'll also find roasted corn and mini nachos. This mix is just as sure to win as our team, which has found the ideal balance with experienced greats and cheeky newcomers. There's something for everyone!


Organic energy ball cocoa and raspberry filling 30 g

A real KoRo classic, which also belongs in the bestseller category, is also a must. Metaphorically speaking, our organic energy ball with cocoa and raspberry filling is part of the starting eleven at every game. This is because it acts as a sure-fire scorer in the team and can be relied on in goal-threatening situations. The same goes for our Energy Ball with cocoa and raspberry filling - it impresses everyone because its performance is unbeatable.

Raw Bar Mango-Chia 50 g

Our Raw Bar is a real all-rounder - vegan, gluten-free and with no added sugar.* It contains only the natural sweetness of dates, mango, passion fruit and pineapple - you can tell it's going to be fruity. Because we're hoping for a warm summer where we can watch the European Championship games with sunglasses, a cold drink and our mango chia bar - whether live or on the screen. Either way, our innovative raw bar with mango and chia is a winner, despite preconceptions about raw food - when the snack team is behind, it is substituted as a secret trump card in the 85th minute to score the decisive equalizing goal.

*Naturally contains sugar

Organic lentil potato chips with sea salt 100 g

No public viewing without potato chips! Our safe bet for any snacking session are our organic lentil potato chips with sea salt, which are just as crispy as desired thanks to many years of experience in various potato chip clubs, but still stand out as the best among the best thanks to their talent. For this reason, they go down well with everyone.

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