Crêpe cake with organic almond tonka cream Auto translated

Moderate 21 November 2023

Did someone say cake? Yesss, we're talking about a cake made of wafer-thin crêpes with creamy organic almond tonka cream! Damn tasty, if you ask us!

250 g Flour
2 Table spoon Sugar
0 as necessary Baking powder
1 point of a knife Salt
400 millilitre Plant-based drink, e.g. soy drink
0 to taste Organic almond tonka cream
0 Fruit to decorate, e.g. fresh khaki
  • Step 1/3

    Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Then add the plant-based drink until you have a smooth, liquid batter.

  • Step 2/3

    Heat the oil in a medium-sized frying pan over a low to medium heat and pour half a ladle of crêpe batter into the pan. Fry the crêpe until it is lightly golden. Repeat this until you have fried all the crêpes - there should be about 10-12 of them.

  • Step 3/3

    Leave the crêpes to cool completely. Then you can start layering: Spread your organic almond tonka cream between each layer of crêpes. Then top your tower of crêpes with more cream and garnish with fruit of your choice. Khakis, for example, are deliciously wintery and cinnamony-sweet.

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