Creamy hazelnut latte Auto translated

Easy 20 November 2023
Cooking time
5 min

Nothing, absolutely nothing beats a good latte macchiato. Unless, of course, you make it even better. And since we at KoRo know what's good, here's the ultimate insider tip for nut butter fans: hazelnut latte. Incidentally, we think the hazelnut latte goes wonderfully with our vegan nut corners with fruity guava filling!

1 cups Espresso
150 millilitre Oat drink
1 heaped tsp. Hazelnut butter
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    Spread a teaspoon of hazelnut butter along the rim of your glass before adding the oat drink and then the espresso. The hazelnut butter develops its aroma particularly well in its warm coffee bath and makes your latte wonderfully creamy!

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