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Picture this: you have thrown all the ingredients for your energy balls into the blender, are looking forward to the result, press the button and suddenly it sounds as if you are grinding pebbles. We know this situation too well - on the packaging it said the dates were "pitted", and yet there were still some date stones left over which are now damaging your blender. Of course, we don't want you to buy dates with stones and then have to open each one by hand and remove them. You can find out all about our date assortment in the dates category. That's why you can now buy twice pitted dates from us!

Twice pitted dates

Our Aseel dates are carefully sorted by hand after harvesting. They are then pitted twice by machine. In the first step, the date stone is removed from the side of the date. In the second step, any remains of the date stone are removed. This process is called rolling and the Aseel date is rolled. The pitted date looks a bit battered afterwards, we admit, but it has a maximum residual kernel content of 0.05%.

No seeds for your blender

Dates have found their way into many recipes and often have to be chopped or blended for this purpose. However, even the best high-performance blender suffers when seed debris ends up in it. And you don't want any date seeds in your mouth or stomach. Pitted Aseel dates are ideal for further processing, as you can throw them into the blender or chop them with a knife without worrying. This saves you time and is easy on your blender.

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You can, of course, snack on the Aseel dates pure. However, some of our other date varieties are better suited for this, such as our premium Medjool dates. We have included Aseel dates in our assortment for you, so that you have pitted dates at hand without extra steps, which you can process immediately. You can throw them into the blender for energy balls, smoothies and fruit slices. Chopped, the pitted dates also fit great as a topping on muesli or porridge.
Our pitted Aseel dates are grown in Pakistan, where they get plenty of sunlight and heat all year round. That is why they have their sweet aroma.
Aseel dates are stoned twice. In two successive steps, they are pitted and any core residues are removed as far as possible.
In the first step, the date is cut open at the side and the stone is taken out with a machine. In the second step, possible core residues are removed with a roller. As a result, our Aseel dates have a flat shape, but do not lose flavor.
Please consume the isopod dates only in moderation if you are pregnant.
Our pitted Aseel dates can be kept for months. They lose some water and flavor over time, but are still edible. You can find the exact best before date on the packaging of your seedless dates.
Pitted Aseel dates 13.34kg
Sukkari Rotab Dates 500g
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Product number ASEEL_001 DATT_007
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Nicole G.


Super! Gladly again

A huge amount of product at an unbeatable price.

Jessica E.


Perfect for baking

Very good price-performance ratio. Good quality

Juliane W.


Very much, very glued together, very tasty

There are really a lot of dates. Taste-wise, I find the more aromatic than the dates from the supermarket. From the form they are just very flattened and often sticking together, so rather for processing in the blender or for chopping for muesli. My recommendation: think about storage in advance. I have no container large enough for this mass.



Super to process

Who eats dates regularly processed, has here the perfect product. But they also taste great as a snack.




The price-performance ratio is a 10/10



good taste, good texture!

Very pleasantly surprised by its dried dates in strips. Very tasty, their aroma reminds the dried fig and the dried apricot. Very good, very dry and tender at the same time. I recommend :)!!!



If you need dates, buy them

A classic in my family, the appearance is not the best but the taste is very good.



Good value for money

Good product, ideal to combine with rice, creams, cereals ....



Mega lecker

They taste super delicious, I make them in my oatmeal purely to sweeten and for the taste just delicious. For my smoothies I also take them and for baking, I buy them again and again with you the quality is great and the delivery is so fast gone madness. Thank you very much. ❤️🥰



Super horny!

Incredibly good value for money.
The dates taste very mild and are very soft (strangely, however, my Vitamix needs a little more time to homogenize them mixed with water than other, drier dates).
As good as very good Deglet Nour dates but they are not. But much better than bad Deglet Nour dates, with which the supermarkets (whether organic or conventional) are full. I think they are even better than Medjool dates. However, have not eaten Medjool dates for a long time, because I do not like them in principle so.
Neutral to slightly negative I find only that these Aseel dates from the aroma / aftertaste somehow pretty much remind raisins. This aroma is not super penetrating and in cocoa or almond milk you notice it anyway nothing, only if pure nasht. And that is probably then also the biggest disadvantage of these dates - because they are so cheap and mild in taste you tend to snack a lot more of it on the side, which could be quite quickly visible on the hips if you are not careful.