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Gluten-free hazelnut and date porridge

Gluten-free hazelnut and date porridge, a nutritious oatmeal that turns your breakfast into a real taste sensation!

Gluten-free hazelnut and date porridge


Did you know that porridge (oatmeal) has its origins in Scotland? Back then, it was the main source of nutrition for the poor working classes. Oatmeal was an affordable food that was high in fiber (9.7 g/100 g) as well as minerals and vitamins. Who would have thought that this power meal would still be very popular today? Even small children are fed porridge by their parents and hip cafés advertise their unique creations. This recipe also uses quinoa flakes, which give the porridge a nutty note. Have fun making it!

Ingredients for the porridge:



First, the hazelnut kernels and dates must be processed into a homogeneous, creamy mixture. To do this, remove the stones from the dates and puree them together with the nuts (and a dash of milk if necessary) in a blender. You can then add the rest of the milk and blend for another 30 seconds or so. Then you should heat the hazelnut-date milk in a pan. Be careful: the milk should not boil. Once the milk has warmed up, add the oats and quinoa flakes. First cook over a medium heat, then simmer over a low heat, stirring constantly. As soon as the porridge has reached a creamy consistency, you can stir in the cinnamon and vanilla seeds. Hot or fresh berries and cocoa nibs are particularly suitable as toppings.

A big thank you goes to Carina for this great recipe inspiration. She provided us with the recipe so that we could share it with you. Be sure to check out her Instagram account and her blog. She regularly posts delicious recipes and beautiful pictures there.
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