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Glazed carrots on green herb cream

You invited your friends for dinner and you need a simple but impressive dish? Don't worry, we got you! We'll give you an ingenious recipe so that you can soon take on star chefs!

Glazed carrots on green herb cream

What does "glazing" actually mean?

Glazing, gratinating, grilling - in the kitchen, not only spices are thrown around, but also technical terms. But it's not really that complicated: Glazing food is a cooking technique in which food is coated with a shiny layer. As a result, the food doesn't dry out as quickly, tastes more intense, and shines beautifully! For example, cakes, pies and pastries are coated with chocolate or icing and meat is glazed with stock and honey. Glazed fruits and vegetables, such as root vegetables and onions, are especially popular. Pre-cooked vegetables are often tossed in a pan in a creamy butter and sugar mixture for a sweet glaze. With our recipe, you give carrots a fruity-sweet touch by adding some orange juice. The vegetables taste delicious, look classy, and are guaranteed to make an impression at your next dinner party!


You need for 2 servings

  • approx. 8 carrots (equivalent to about 500 g)
  • 20 g butter
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup
  • 70 ml vegetable stock
  • 50 ml orange juice

For the green cream:

  • 1 can (240 g drained weight) organic white cannellini beans
  • 1 handful fresh coriander
  • 2 handfuls of fresh parsley
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp. tahini

For the topping:

  • 1 handful of KoRo pistachio kernels with skin
  • a little fleur de sel

How to:

  1. Wash the herbs and strain the beans (pour through a sieve).
  2. Puree all ingredients for the cream in a bowl until creamy or blend with a blender. Set the cream aside.
  3. Peel the carrots. Melt the butter in a pan. Now add the carrots and sauté in the butter for a few minutes.
  4. Add the salt and agave syrup and let everything caramelize together briefly.
  5. Now pour the orange juice and the broth over the carrots. Depending on the thickness, simmer the carrots on medium until they are cooked but still have bite. This will take about 15-20 min.
  6. Spread the cream on a plate and arrange the carrots on top.
  7. Roughly chop the pistachio kernels and toast them in a pan for a few minutes without fat. Mix the pistachio kernels with fleur de sel and sprinkle over the carrots.

Enjoy your meal!

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