🗓 21/09/2018 👤 Sara Bakane

Soy Crispy Bites

Soy Crispys are a great source of protein, not only for vegans. Especially as a bar they are great to snack in between times.

Soy Crispy Bites

Have you ever tried soy crispies? Sure I've worked with puffed amaranth and quinoa before, but with puffed soy? So I experimented around a bit and came up with this super tasty recipe, the best part is you don't even need an oven.



First, mix all the dry ingredients except the coconut blossom sugar in a bowl. Heat the sugar with the maple syrup in a pan until it is completely melted. Then add the mixture (be careful, it's hot!) to the other ingredients and mix well. Subsequently, it goes already to the forming, of Energy balls, until from these bars can be formed. Your creativity is given free rein.

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