🗓 07/11/2018 👤 Marie Schildt

Vegane Cookie Dough Bällchen

Snacking on cookie dough is simply amazing! If you don't want to wait until another cake is baked, you should definitely try these cookie dough balls.

Vegane Cookie Dough Bällchen

Ingredients (for 15 pieces):


First, puree the Medjool dates with the maple syrup and almond milk in a blender until smooth. Rinse the chickpeas well, add to the blender and blend again. Then add the oat flour, peanut flour and vanilla and blend to a homogeneous mixture. If the dough is too liquid/solid, add more oat flour/milk. Shape the dough into small balls and press in chocolate chips if desired. Store the balls in the fridge. They will keep there for about 4 days.