🗓 18/09/2023 👤 Hannah Rieder

Superfood-Sternchen: Get to know Camu-Camu

In addition to acerola, moringa and maca powder, there is a new member of the KoRo cosmos of superfoods that the earth would revolve around if it could: Camu camu. The reddish star in the colorful superfood sky provides you with a fruity touch as well as a rocket-like load of vitamin C. We think so: It's astronomically good and an all-rounder that you should definitely have in your kitchen!

Superfood-Sternchen: Get to know Camu-Camu

Camu camu powder

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit - if you're really into the game, you probably know that not only citrus fruits, but also red peppers in particular contain a lot of vitamin C. But have you heard of the new kid on the block? We're talking about camu camu. And since you probably can't imagine what it looks like: Camu camu is a berry that grows on bushes in the western Amazon region. The fruit for our powder comes from organic farming in Peru. Camu camu berries are sensitive plants that do not cope well with pressure (relatable). There are hardly any fresh berries available in Europe and pressing them into juice is time-consuming. We would like to spare you this - nice as we are - and supply you with camu camu in powder form. So the superfood powder is ready for your smoothie, yogurt, baking or whatever else you can think of, because camu camu is a real all-rounder. No matter what you make with it, camu camu powder has a tart aroma and tastes very fruity.

If you say superfood, you must also say vitamins

Incidentally, the Cs in camu camu stand for vitamin C - or at least they should, because the berries contain a good amount of it. For adults, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a daily vitamin C intake of 110 milligrams for men and 95 milligrams for women. Our camu camu powder even contains a strong 180 mg per portion - that's equivalent to one teaspoon, or 4 g of the powder. However, as you certainly have one or two other sources of vitamin C on your plate, half a teaspoon of camu camu powder should easily suffice. For example, you can blend half a mango, half a banana, some yoghurt, 1/2 teaspoon of camu camu powder and oat drink and you have a sweet and sour smoothie with a good amount of vitamin C - and a nice reddish color! The sky is the limit with all the varieties of smoothies, but the ultimate formula is to combine sweet fruit with the tart camu camu powder. And because the powder is so easy to use, this time we have another recipe for you in addition to the smoothie recipe: Oven vegetable salad with herb camu camu dressing!

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