🗓 29/03/2021 👤 Katharina Hertling

KoRo goes Berlin weekly market

Why we as an online store have been offline for quite some time and how, where and when you can find us, you will find out in this article.

KoRo goes Berlin weekly market

KoRo is also available offline!

For some time now we have been present at the Berlin weekly markets and since 2019 you can find us with our treats androasted almondsalso on the Christmas markets of the capital! "But you are an online store, why are you suddenly on the market?", you ask yourself now? We don't want to miss the opportunity to present our products to you in person. We are looking forward to seeing happy faces while tasting and honest feedback about our products. At our market stalls all over Germany you will find, besides the most popularnut varietiesand a selection ofdried fruitssuch as driedorganic mango stripsand of course a lot of other snacks! Just drop by and take the opportunity to taste our products before you strike.


When and where you can find us

We can be found at various markets in Germany, but mainly in Berlin. You can find the current dates on our Instagram channel in the highlight "Markets" as well as on our website. Subscribe to us on Instagram and Facebook and find out when we open a stand at other markets or are looking for reinforcements for our team!

Good reasons to visit the weekly market

Sure, especially since the Covid 19 pandemic, we probably all order a little something or two via the numerous food delivery services - ordering online is much more relaxed, after all. But if you visit us at one of our weekly market stands, you can try our products right on the spot. You also save on delivery costs and don't have to wait long to snack on your organic lentil chips with sea salt. So off to the sofa with new KoRo snacks after the exhausting visit to the market. We couldn't think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday afternoon, could you? And if you have any questions about us, our products or their production, our colleagues on site will be happy to answer them!

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