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Muesli bar with dried strawberries and goji berries

This recipe for muesli bars with dried strawberries and goji berries gives you a lot of energy with little carbohydrates.

Muesli bar with dried strawberries and goji berries


  • ripe bananas: 250 g
  • gluten-free rolled oats: 150 g
  • hulled hemp seeds: 40 g
  • chopped almonds or cashews: 40 g
  • chopped pecans or walnuts: 40 g
  • almond paste: 2 tsp
  • vanilla powder: 0.5 tsp
  • agave syrup: 80 g
  • dried goji berries, finely chopped: 20 g
  • dried strawberries, finely chopped: 20 g


Step 1

If you don't have chopped nuts/seeds, chop the nuts and chop the strawberries and goji berries.

Step 2

Turn on your oven to 165 °C.

Step 3

Put the bananas in a mixing bowl or blender and blend until banana puree is formed.

Step 4

Add the rest of the ingredients to the bananas and mix until smooth.

Step 5

Now pour the mixture onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and form it into a rectangle 1.5 cm high. Alternatively, you can also put the mixture into a cereal bar mold.

Step 6

Let the bars brown in the oven for 20 min. After 20 min, turn the bar rectangle and bake it for another 10 min. To do this, take one side of the baking paper and gently pull it up so that the rectangle turns.

Step 7

Take the bars out of the oven and let them cool well before cutting them into 10 equal pieces. It is normal for the bars to be a little soft when they come out of the oven, but this will disappear as they cool.

TIP For all you sweet tooths out there, there is of course also a chocolate version. Just omit the strawberries and goji berries and add 30g of heavily de-oiled cocoa powder instead. Very tasty, I promise.

If you're making the granola bars in a blender, add the nuts and fruit first and chop until you reach the desired consistency. Now add the rest of the ingredients and blend on low until the bananas form a paste.

You can store the bars tightly sealed in the refrigerator for 2 weeks or freeze them for 6 months. The freeze-dried strawberries quickly absorb moisture from the air, making them soft and no longer crunchy. Close them well after use and preferably airtight, i.e. remove as much air as possible from the bag before closing it again. It would otherwise be a shame about the great strawberries.

I love these bars because they are quick and easy to make and great to take with you. You can crumble them into a yogurt in the morning and add fruit. That way you have a super nutritious and low calorie breakfast. They also make a wonderful afternoon snack or gift. To make them, melt about 30g of white or dark chocolate over a water bath and use a spoon to draw strings over your granola bars. I wish you a lot of fun making them.

Kind regards from the Allgäu, Pia

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