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Ginger Lemon Energy Booster

The ideal pick-me-up for the immune system in colder temperatures.

Ginger Lemon Energy Booster

This drink with a combination of ginger and lemon is a great booster for the immune system. It brings a lot of power and helps to survive the cold season in a healthy way.

Ingredients (for 200 ml):

  • 3 lemons (organic)
  • 100 g ginger (in pieces)
  • 80 ml agave syrup (80-100 ml depending on taste)



  1. First you juice the lemon and the ginger. This can be done with a hand juicer or an electric machine.

  2. Then you run the juice again through a fine sieve to remove residues.

  3. Then add the agave syrup.

  4. You can drink the shots pure or diluted with water.

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