🗓 06/10/2018 👤 Juliane Vogel

Creamy apple cinnamon chia porridge

It smells like cinnamon and the leaves rustle. Everywhere you can buy pumpkins and it's time to wear a scarf again. Autumn is just around the corner. To really get in the mood, be sure to try this delicious porridge!

Creamy apple cinnamon chia porridge




In a saucepan, heat all the ingredients (initially without the apple) on the stove top. It is best to mix everything well with a whisk. Once the mixture is a bit creamier, add the apple cut into small pieces and cook as well. Once the desired consistency is reached, turn off the heat and let the porridge stand for 5min. Thereupon type your delicious bowl with all the delicious ingredients & enjoy.

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