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Walnut-cocoa protein balls

Walnut cocoa protein balls, these bite-sized morsels are quick to prepare and the perfect snack for on the go!

Walnut-cocoa protein balls

You don't always need ready-made protein balls or protein bars! With simple ingredients and uncomplicated preparation, you can make homemade walnut-cocoa protein balls super quickly. The balls can of course be varied according to taste. But that's not the only advantage of these protein snacks. Once made, you have a great supply that you can use for several days. Whether as a post-workout snack or simply for a sweet tooth in between, these balls always work!

Ingredients (for approx. 15 pieces):


To start, mix the dates, walnut flour, cocoa, almond paste, cinnamon and salt in a food processor or a powerful blender until you have a sticky mixture. Then knead in the chopped walnuts and shape into about 15 balls. Roll them in the cocoa-cinnamon mixture and store them in an airtight container. The protein balls are ready!

Many thanks to Elisa for the great recipe! For more inspiration, be sure to check out her Instagram account:

Instagram: karlilovespoppy

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