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In our blog you will find everything you need to know about food. We present unique recipes that we have developed in cooperation with talents and KoRo fans, and in our interviews you will get new impressions on the topics of healthy nutrition and starting a business.

🗓 25/05/2023

Soy granules: What the fine grain can do

When you think of soy mince or granulated soy, you probably think of vegan bolognese. But the little soy grains can do much more. They serve as an ideal base to absorb sauces and provide you with a good portion of protein - so go for it!

👤 Hannah Rieder

🗓 24/05/2023

All about Dips

Sure: hummus, baba ganoush and aioli are delicious. But let's be honest - there's more! We don't want to take your dip classics away from you, but we do want to give you a few new recipes for the next movie night or picnic!

👤 Hannah Rieder

🗓 13/01/2023

Back to childhood with ALL GOOD Cereal: crunchy breakfast loops without refined sugar

KoRo Source, KoRo Café, KoRo Ice Cream, KoRo Women's Run - yes, KoRo is not only involved in nut creations, but also in many other projects! What KoRo X ALL GOOD Cereal is all about and what the idea behind the "Organic Cereal Goodness" is, you can read below.

👤 Natalie Wendt, Sanja Middeldorf

🗓 18/11/2022

Hazelnut Energyballs without dates

Delicious Energyballs times without dates - are made quickly and with few ingredients!

👤 Alisia Schrieder

🗓 16/11/2022


For a concentrated charge of energy in between!

👤 Annika Stein

🗓 16/11/2022

Vegan banana chocolate muffins

Nothing beats some moist banana chocolate muffins. They are a real treat and the best thing about them is: they are completely vegan!

👤 Julia Szajdak-Breucking

🗓 11/11/2022

Watermelon "tuna

This watermelon "tuna" looks confusingly similar to the real tuna. Sounds unusual at first, but tastes very good. If you fancy a vegan tuna alternative, you should definitely try this recipe!

👤 Anne-Sophie Hoffmann

🗓 09/11/2022

Vegan chocolate pumpkin muffins

You think muffins with pumpkin sound funny? Let these juicy chocolate pumpkin muffins convince you!

👤 Melina Moonstone

🗓 08/11/2022

Acai Bowl

How about a little variety for breakfast with this delicious Acai Bowl?

👤 Emilie Reise

🗓 10/05/2022

Kokos Amaranth Granola

Gluten-free, vegan and delicious - the perfect breakfast. Quickly made and just as quickly eaten - coconut amaranth granola.

👤 Melina Moonstone

🗓 04/05/2022


This pesto beats any from the supermarket and is also vegan - try it for yourself!

👤 Kathi Beslmeisl

🗓 04/05/2022

Vegan goulash

A real Sunday dinner, but of course perfect for any other day of the week - vegan goulash!

👤 Natascha Urich

🗓 03/05/2022

Raw Cocoa Proteinbars

A little snack for in between? These protein bars are made in no time and taste unbeatably delicious.

👤 Franka Weigmann

🗓 03/05/2022

Brussels sprouts and sweet potato from the tray

Spicy oven vegetables - a dish for the soul.

👤 Marlene Waltner

🗓 03/05/2022

Vegan oatmeal waffles

What's better than warm waffles? Exactly - nothing! That's why you should definitely give these a try.

👤 Jessica Weber