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🗓 18/11/2022

Hazelnut Energyballs without dates

Delicious Energyballs times without dates - are made quickly and with few ingredients!

👤 Alisia Schrieder

🗓 16/11/2022


For a concentrated charge of energy in between!

👤 Annika Stein

🗓 26/04/2022

Tahini almond crackers

You want a salty, tasty and healthy snack for in between? Then these crackers are something for you!

👤 Melli

🗓 21/04/2022

Reis Cracker "Popcorn"

Are you also always looking for healthy salty snacks? Then you are right with this simple recipe.

👤 Teresa Zill

🗓 22/11/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Energy Balls - without dates

The little energy balls with a difference! With these power balls, the mulberry is the star.

👤 Alisia

🗓 03/11/2021 🕒 15 Minutes 👌 Simple

Protein vanilla waffles

After sports a treatment with the extra portion of protein? The vanilla protein waffles are just the thing!

👤 Larissa Henrich

🗓 02/11/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple


How about some cookies? In combination with cranberries, these are sweet and a little sour at the same time!

👤 Laura

🗓 02/11/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple


You can never have enough snack balls! For a change in flavor Cookie Dough?

👤 Michelle

🗓 29/10/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Acai chocolate ice cream with snickerdoodle

Ice cream always goes - whether in winter, autumn, spring or summer!

👤 Marielle Christine

🗓 25/10/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Autumn rice cake snack

You can also get into the autumnal spirit with snacks like this rice cake snack.

👤 Lena

🗓 19/10/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Energy Balls

You like our Energyballs so much that you want to make your own? Here's the recipe to go with them!

👤 Celine

🗓 04/10/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple


Hummus and donuts in one dish? Give it a try!

👤 Lena

🗓 01/10/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Fake bee sting dessert

The classic bee sting is now also convincing in a different variation in the glass.

👤 Daniela

🗓 21/09/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Peanut chocolate curd dumplings

True peanut fans also eat peanut-chocolate style curd dumplings.

👤 Maren

🗓 21/09/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Vegan Blueberry Tiramisu Bowl

Whether for breakfast, dessert, or snack, tiramisu is rightfully one of the most popular desserts. For its fans, vegans and blueberry lovers, this recipe puts the Italian classic in a new light and delights every taste bud. And it's super easy, too - so make some coffee ahead and get started!

👤 Maren