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🗓 18/11/2022


Hmm you can literally smell the smell of apple and cinnamon at the sight - heavenly!

👤 Laura Köppen

🗓 15/02/2022 🕒 15 Minutes 👍 Medium

Cinnamon Pancakes

Is it Sunday again? - Pancakes are a classic comfort food and are often snacked on for breakfast. Especially on cozy weekends, when breakfast quickly turns into lunch, this treat can't be missed. You're as fond of pancakes as we are? Then you'll love the Cinnamon Pancakes with Cinnamon Pear Topping!

👤 Larissa Henrich

🗓 02/09/2021 👌 Simple

Hafer Pancakes

Can't decide between oatmeal or fluffy pancakes for breakfast? Well, then just make both!

👤 Celine

🗓 23/06/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Apple Walnut Pancakes

Strudel was yesterday, today apple and walnut meet on fluffy pancakes!

👤 Lena

🗓 05/05/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Spelt protein pancakes with cottage cheese strawberry topping

Delicious pancakes for the next brunch!

👤 Julia

🗓 19/01/2021 🕒 15 Minutes 👌 Simple

Kürbis Pancakes

A delicious pancakes breakfast with fresh pumpkin and apple.

👤 Nicole Dirbach

🗓 11/01/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Pancakes with pumpkin

How about these autumnal pumpkin pancakes for breakfast? As if the photo doesn't look convincing....

👤 Lisa

🗓 16/11/2020 🕒 15 Minutes 👌 Simple

Fluffy spelt pancakes with raspberry sauce

Why not make spelt pancakes on the weekend? And best of all your homemade raspberry sauce.

👤 Vici

🗓 13/11/2020 👌 Simple

Bratapfel Pancakes

Do you also love baked apples in the winter time? Then these baked apple pancakes are just right for you.

👤 Phila

🗓 09/11/2020 🕒 25 Minutes 👌 Simple

Vegan Vanilla Pancakes

Wow. So if the name of the recipe doesn't inspire you, this great picture certainly will.

👤 Elisa

🗓 21/09/2020 🕒 15 Minutes 👌 Simple

Protein Bananen Pancakes

Juicy protein banana pancakes for the extra portion of protein in the morning.

👤 Julia

🗓 10/08/2019 🕒 20 Minutes 👍 Medium

Almond Buckwheat Pancakes

The vegan and gluten-free pancakes based on buckwheat flour - taste strong nutty.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 27/07/2019 🕒 20 Minutes 👍 Medium

Buckwheat pancakes

Small pancakes to surprise your loved ones on Sunday morning with a delicious breakfast!

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 25/05/2019 🕒 20 Minutes 👍 Medium

Banane-Zimt Pancakes

The banana-cinnamon pancakes are especially good for a hearty breakfast on the weekend.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 27/11/2018 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Chocolate Chip Peanut Pancakes

Pancakes to start the day really enjoyable. Here you will find a super easy recipe, which nevertheless tastes especially delicious!

👤 Alina Marcus