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In our blog you will find everything you need to know about food. We present unique recipes that we have developed in cooperation with talents and KoRo fans, and in our interviews you will get new impressions on the topics of healthy nutrition and starting a business.

🗓 22/03/2023

Shrinkflation - when companies trick you using packaging sizes

Inflation has come to the supermarket: it's not just you, products have been getting a lot more expensive in the supermarket. To fight the price increase, some companies resort to shrinkflation. Shrinkflation happens when companies keep the same package but reduce the content.

👤 Hannah Rieder

🗓 21/03/2023

Our Energy Balls - less packaging, same content

You know and love them - our Energy Balls. Whether for in-between, to satisfy a small hunger or as an epicurean snack: The small balls made of dates and with many delicious ingredients such as nut butter, cocoa or cashews are a real KoRo classic. As a KoRo connoisseur, you may have noticed that some of our Energy Balls already have new packaging. Why this will be changed step by step for all of them from now on, we explain to you here:

👤 Natalie Wendt

🗓 31/01/2023

Price adjustment - January 2023

Transparency is one of the basic principles at KoRo. In that sense, we would like to clearly explain how and why we will have to increase some of our prices soon:

👤 Natalie Wendt, Biggy Le

🗓 13/01/2023

KoRo x Our House by Deutsche Sporthilfe: We promote role models!

Supporting athletes:inside with their projects - that's where we see ourselves and extend a hand and some snacks to "Our House". "Our House" is a brand of Deutsche Sporthilfe that does damn cool work. We talked to project manager Lucas Flümann about "Our House", KoRo and role models.

👤 Tara Rezaie Farmand

🗓 27/07/2021 👌 Simple

Why do some jars make a popping sound when opened and others do not?

You bought a nut puree in a jar and wonder why there was no plopping sound when you first opened it? This is not because the product was already opened, but because of the type of sealing that KoRo uses for many products in jars.

👤 annesophie

🗓 29/03/2021 👌 Simple

KoRo goes Berlin weekly market

Why we as an online store have been offline for quite some time and how, where and when you can find us, you will find out in this article.

👤 Katharina Hertling

🗓 29/03/2021 👌 Simple

From Burkina Faso with Love – unsere Bio Mangostreifen

Brooks Mango from Burkina Faso are perhaps the best dried mango fruit in the world. Here you can learn how we select our products, what makes Brooks Mango so special and where it comes from.

👤 Jan Rein

🗓 29/03/2021 👌 Simple

What happens to expired food at KoRo?

You wonder what happens to your beloved nut mushrooms and dried fruits if they are not sold out so quickly and the best-before date is approaching? We explain here how we deal with the best-before date and thus actively work against food waste.

👤 Vero Wolf

🗓 29/03/2021 👌 Simple

KoRo order list: our top 3

The agony of choice - in our store you can expect many tasty and unusual products. With all the dried fruits, bars and nuts, how can you decide on your favorite snacks? If you are asking yourself this question, then you have come to the right place. In this article you will find our tips on how to find your way through our extensive range, as well as some products that we recommend to you.

👤 Lilli Lipka

🗓 11/10/2020 👌 Simple

Beige, yellow, white: Why do KoRo labels look different?

Our labels are sometimes beige, sometimes yellow and sometimes white - each one is unique! Read for yourself why, why and why the small but subtle differences of our labels not only give you an advantage.

👤 Bianca Heidt

🗓 03/12/2019 👌 Simple

Chestnuts and chestnuts homemade

Maronen bzw. Esskastanien dürfen auf einem typischen Weihnachtsmarkt nicht fehlen. Hier erfährst Du Wissenswertes und wie Du sie zu Hause selbst zubereiten kannst.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 07/11/2019 👌 Simple

Sugar alcohols at a glance

Maltit, Xylit und Co! Wir nehmen die in der EU zugelassenen Zuckeralkohole unter die Lupe.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 06/08/2019 👌 Simple

Mixed, shaken, stirred - advantages of a high-performance blender

High-performance blenders get almost everything small and can support you in the kitchen. Learn more about their advantages here.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 24/06/2019 👌 Simple

Do you need nutritional supplements?

Potassium, omega-3, vitamin B, magnesium and co. - there are now a lot of dietary supplements. Learn more about them here!

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 11/06/2019 👌 Simple

Matcha vs. coffee

Do you swear by matcha or coffee? Thanks to this article you will get an overview of the differences and similarities.

👤 Sarah Klein