Automatic bread maker


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  • Multifunctional bread maker for quick and easy homemade bread
  • Choice of three bread sizes and several different bread types
  • Delay timer for overnight baking
  • Glass viewing window
  • Also suitable for making pasta dough, jam and yoghurt

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Its nine o'clock on a Sunday morning, the sun is shining through the windows and gently waking you up. But no one can get you out of your warm, cosy bed yet, you prefer to dream of a breakfast table already set with coffee, raspberry fruit spread and honey, the smell of freshly baked bread enters your nose – wait a minute: freshly baked bread, ready just when you wake up? Yes! Turn your dreams into reality with KoRo's new bread maker! Its an easy way to have fresh bread at any time of the day, and thanks to the delay timer you can set it so that your bread is ready just when you open your eyes in the morning! Buy KoRo's stainless steel bread maker and enjoy fresh bread every day!

Using the bread maker

Whether wholemeal, spelt or rye bread, classic toast or baguette: our breadmaker will help you bake the bread of your dreams. Even your own baking mixtures and gluten-free bread are no problem. The fully automatic bread maker has 15 baking programmes to prepare different types of bread. But that's not all: the machine is even suitable for making pasta dough, yoghurt or jam from fresh fruit. Simply measure out all the ingredients and place them in the baking machine. The dough is mixed, kneaded and then baked to the desired browning level. An integrated delay timer of up to 12 hours allows you to start the bread maker at a desired time. Ideal for starting your Sunday morning with fresh bread! And if you like to watch the baking process live, you can watch your bread getting bigger and crispier through the integrated glass viewing window. If you're not quite convinced yet, but fancy homemade bread, we also have an organic bread mix with seeds in our range!

Buy a stainless steel bread maker

Apart from the high quality and its versatile functions, our bread maker also impresses with its quick and easy operation. And you'll never again have to make a long trip to the bakery only to find out that your favourite bread is sold out. If you order our bread maker online, you will always have fresh bread at home. Baking your own bread has never been so easy - buy our stainless steel bread maker now!

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Neben der einfachen Bedienbarkeit überzeugt der multifunktionale Brotbackautomat mit 15 verschiedenen Backprogrammen, bei denen Du zwischen den Brotlaib-Größen 500 g, 750 g und 1 kg sowie der gewünschten Krustenfarbe Deines Brotes von hell über mittel bis dunkel wählen kannst. Durch einen Verzögerungstimer von bis zu 12 Stunden kann das Brotbacken zu einem gewünschten Zeitpunkt gestartet werden. Der Backautomat ist für viele Brotsorten sowie für Nudelteig und sogar für die Herstellung von Konfitüre und Joghurt geeignet.
Nach Gebrauch solltest Du den Brotbackautomaten von der Stromversorgung trennen und abkühlen lassen. Verwende dann ein feuchtes Tuch, um den Deckel, das Gehäuse sowie die Backkammer und die Innenseite des Sichtfensters zu reinigen. Auch der Knethaken sowie die Brotbackform sollten vorsichtig mit einem feuchten Tuch abgewischt werden. Keine Teile des Brotbackautomaten sollten zusätzlich in der Spülmaschine gereinigt werden. 
Mit unserem Edelstahl Brotbackautomat kannst Du verschiedenste Brotrezepte umsetzen. Dafür eignen sich sämtliche Mehlsorten, wie zum Beispiel spezielles Brotmehl, Weizen-, Roggen-, Vollkorn- oder sogar Mais- oder Hafermehl. Außerdem lassen sich je nach gewünschter Brotsorte natürlich noch weitere Zutaten wie Zucker, Hefe, Milch oder Pflanzendrink, Wasser, Eier, Butter oder pflanzliche Öle sowie Salz oder Backpulver hinzufügen. Genaue Zusammensetzungen der verschiedenen Backmischungen für den Brotbackautomaten findest Du in der Bedienungsanleitung. Mit unserem Brotbackautomaten kannst Du Dich in der Küche auf jeden Fall richtig austoben!
Der Verzögerungstimer kann verwendet werden, um den Brotbackautomaten zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt zu starten. Über die Funktion DELAY TIMER kannst Du einfach die gewünschte Dauer angeben. Bei der Nutzung des Verzögerungstimers solltest Du allerdings darauf achten, niemals ein Rezept mit schnell verderblichen Zutaten wie Eiern oder Milch zu verwenden! Eine genaue Erläuterung findest Du auch nochmal in der Bedienungsanleitung.

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Ayleen W.


Good bread maker

That was more or less an impulse buy. I had thought about buying something like this at some point, but it was often equipped with 10+ programs and was more likely to be found from 120 EUR upwards. When there was a 20% discount on non-food at Koro the other day, I went for it :-) I've now baked with it 3 times and can share a few experiences. First and foremost, I followed the recipe options provided (1 recipe per program). My first bread was a wholemeal bread and the result was ok, but not outstanding - but I was the problem! I only used wholemeal flour and not the recommended amount (approx. 120g normal flour) and because wholemeal is so heavy, the dough didn't rise as well and was quite compact. Nevertheless, it was delicious and my bread (wrapped in beeswax paper) kept for almost a week without getting moldy or dry, great. On the last day I toasted the remaining slices, also very tasty. The next tests were white bread and "normal" bread (i.e. 1 part wholemeal and 3 parts wheat) and the results were great. It smells great, the crust is great and the inside is very fluffy. I will definitely keep trying and experimenting. I bought a cookbook on Amazon especially for bread makers, which also contains great ideas for gluten-free, sweet, savory with e.g. cheese, low carb etc. Great addition. - Now some comments or possibly negative points: 1) the utensils supplied, such as measuring jug, measuring spoon etc. are great, but I can't manage the measuring spoon. Now you might ask yourself what the problem is. To be honest, the units don't work for me. If I measure a tablespoon with a spoon, it's less than from the measuring spoon. For ingredients such as oil, this is certainly not a problem, but I find it rather difficult with sugar, salt and yeast - so I just take the tsp and tbsp from the cutlery box, so no big deal. 2) A "problem" that many (almost all) bread makers have - the hole in the middle through the mixing/kneading element. So far, only about 2 slices have been affected by this, it's not too bad, but you should know/think about it. I have already found tips on the net that you should simply remove the risen dough before baking, take out the kneading element and then put the dough back in. I haven't tried this yet, but it makes sense. However, a mini hole would still remain. If that doesn't bother you (like most of me), then it's not really negative. I haven't yet tried the other programs for cakes, dough and yoghurt, for example, but I'm sure I will at some point. I can also recommend the dough function. I let the appliance knead pizza dough and then just have to roll it out, the machine does everything else. Same thing with focaccia, I let the machine knead the dough and then I put it on the tray, press it into shape, let it rise again and then make this typical focaccia move with oil and my fingers, the rest is done by the oven again. In short: I have not regretted the purchase :-)

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